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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Notes

Thumb Tailgater Sports will have double coverage on Saturday, Nov.13th for Divsion 7 & 8 Regional Championship high school football.
- Division 8: Fulton-Middleton @ Deckerviile
- Division 7: Ravenna @ Ubly
Our coverage starts at 1:30pm.
The Week 12 Regional Edition of the Podcast show will ready to listen or download on Tuesday. The show once again features "Original" Thumb Tailgater Paul Adams, Sports Reporter/Writer of the Huron Daily Tribune.


Anonymous said...

I hope it's not raining on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

interesting how ubly is the best team in the area and eddie only had them on ONE time all year? guess he can't stand the sucess the they have had against deckerville. sweeney 8-2 all time against brown. the 2 losses were 1 point games.

Adam Filkins said...

Jeez Eddie - I didn't realize you had such a grudge against Ubly.

Anon - did you ever think about how Ubly would be spanked by the larger schools in the area we cover? Ubly is still in the playoffs, but I believe the 3-4 ranking they received all year is just. That's not to take anything away from a great team. Coach Sweeney has built a fantastic program, and his players always play at the highest level for him at the right time.

Between you and I - Mr. Fury is Deckerville's harshest critic. You guys are awful harsh on people who basically bring you a great service for free.

Anonymous said...

Covering 20 different teams this year, and we still get whining? Eddie keep up the good work. As a BWAC fan we appreciate the coverage. And if you real fans ever listened to the podcast show, Eddie has nothing but praise for Ubly, and for all Thumb area teams for that matter. As a Pioneer alumni, I am pretty sure that we could beat the Bearcats. However good luck to Ubly nice to see two immediate local area teams still in the drive for Ford Field.

Anonymous said...

Pioneer alumni? Ruth Pioneers? LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah to go along with what Adam said I graduated from Deckerville and I would never guess that Eddie was from Deckerville he is a cynic towards Deckerville sports. I don't think that I have ever heard him say good things about the sports or let alone give Deckerville sports the props for winning a game. He is a sports fan and looks at a variety of games. It's really cool to see someone that started so little is now covering most of the thumb.

Chiuk Czlek said...

You guys do great work.

Eddie especially. Deckerville homer? what. He's objective.

Adam is pretty darn good to.

What would we have if they weren't here?

You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

Ubly just can't seem to help themselves from crying about something all the time-it gets sooooo old!

Chiuk Czlek said...

"Ubly just can't seem to help themselves from crying about something all the time-it gets sooooo old!"

Oh no! Sounds like the guy I had run-in with on M-live!

Hides behind anonymous and blubberyboot at M-live.

Sounds like a jilted love interest of an Ubly girl!

Adam Filkins said...

Chiuk - do you really think that Anonymus has left his parents basement long enough to talk to an Ubly girl? Let alone long enough to be jilted by one? I think you are giving him too much credit... :P

jason.martinez said...

i'm from deckerville and i'm always going to be a deckerville fan. but i give eddie and all you guys credit for giving us and everyone chance to catch the games if they can't make it, and as for you whinning ubly folks grow some and let everyone know what your name is and not anonymus. anyways you guys rock!!! i just wish i knew about this when i was in Iraq.

Adam Filkins said...

Jason - first of all, thanks for your service! Also, thanks for listening and supporting what we are trying to do. I wish I could say that we were sipping champagne due to our windfall from TTS. Truth is, we are happy to hit a Taco Bell and have enough gas to get home from covering these games. So far, our sponsors have helped cover some of the expenses we endure to do this. It's not as cheap as you would think! We cover these teams and the games because we love the sports and the atmosphere. So, to all the nay-sayers, thanks for listening as well!