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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Huron County Press News Story On Thumb Tailgater Sports

The Huron County Press has done a story on Thumb Tailgater Sports.
Check out it here, as they have a new layout to their website.

Or if your in the Huron County area, pick up a copy of the paper.

Deckerville headed back to NCTL?

Heard from a source that wheels were turning to maybe try to save football in the NCTL. One way was that Deckerville would be allowed to come back to the North Central Thumb League in the 2010 - 2011 season.
I will work to confirm that news.

Week 6 Edition Of Original Thumb Tailgaters Show

Part 1 of the Original Thumb Tailgaters show is located at the top of the right column of the blog. In this part we talk about the big game upsets involving Vassar vs Reese (Thumb Tailgater Sports Week 5 Game), and the Bad Axe Hatchet win over Bay City All Saints, the continued dominance of the Lakers, Ubly & Brown City.

**Editors note - In the Original Thumb Tailgaters Show podcast, Editor Chris Ogryski of the Huron County Press, mentions that he and his wife Jill, were expecting their second child at any moment. Well as of 5:30pm, Tuesday, Sept.29th, they were at the hospital. I will keep you Thumb Tailgater fans posted.


For those on Facebook, photos are already up. She's a cutie! Hope Anne Ogryski was born at 11:22 p.m., she is 20 3/4 inches, 7 pounds 7 ounces. In a word, she's perfect!
Paul P. (The very proud god father)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 6 Game Of Week

Hey the Detroit Lions won! So the losing streak is finally over. Maybe that will inspire the Deckerville Eagles this Friday night as that will be our Game Of The Night in Week 6. The Eagles have lost three straight. They take the Mayville Wildcats and it is Homecoming at Deckerville to. Coverage starts at 6pm, Friday Night, and check back here on Tuesday for the Week 6 Edition of The Original Thumb Tailgaters Show.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lakers vs Deckerville - Saturday Game

Special Thanks to WLEW Sports - Cruise 102.1 fm : Rick Glaza & Jason Particka

Halftime as of 3:00pm

Lakers  12,  Deckerville 7


Lakers 40,  Deckerville  7

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 5 HS - Football Scores - GTC & NCTL

VASSAR 26, vs REESE  17 - Thumb Tailgater Sports Game Of The Night  
EPBP Lakers  40, vs  Deckerville  7 (Saturday - 2pm)

Ubly  42  Harbor Beach 22
Peck 24  Kinde-North Huron 21
Marlette 39 Sandusky 37 - OT

Cass City 41 , USA  26
Brown City  41, vs  Mayville  0
Bad Axe 41  Bay City All Saints  21
Dryden 70 ,  Detroit Consortium 34

Kent City  26, Memphis (Saturday 6pm)
Big Rapids Crossroads  27,  Kingston  14
Croswell-Lexington 53, Almont 7

North Branch 21,  Caro  20
Essexville-Garber  14,  Millington  7

Owendale-Gagetown 30, vs  CPS 16  - Huron Daily Tribune, Mike Bogan
Akron-Fairgrove  46,  vs  Flint Michigan School For The Deaf 8 (Thursday, Sept.24)

Vassar Vulcans vs Reese Rockets Game Link

Click On The Image For The Live Game Broadcast Link

Send us an email before our coverage starts and we will try to say hello to you on our live audio cast!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 5 Edition Thumb Tailgaters Show

All of the Segments of the Original Thumb Tailgaters Show are now up on the right column of the blog.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 5: Original Thumb Tailgaters Show - Part 2

Part 2 of The Week 5 Edition of the Original Thumb Tailgaters Show is up. I have been happy with the embed player I have added. It is located at the right column of the blog.
In this Part 2 of the show we continue the review of Week 4, and discuss the major topic of the Reese Rockets, Elkton-Pigeon-Bayport -Lakers, and wrap up with the Vassar Vulcans. There are currently only three Thumb Area teams in the Greater Thumb Conference that are undefeated....the Ubly Bearcats, Brown City Greendevils, and the Reese Rockets. Lakers beware....!
Part 3 of the show will focus on the Thumb Tailgaters picks of Week 5 games.
And once again my special guest from WLEW Sports Radio, Rick Glaza will once again join me for our discussion on the coverage of our games of the week. This segment will also run at the top of the Pre-Game show live on Friday, Sept.25 - 6pm, at the Vassar Vulcans vs Reese Rockets football game.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 5 Edition Of Original Thumb Tailgaters Show

I am trying something new. I have added an embed audio player so you don't get directed away from the blog. It is located at the top of the right column of the blog. More segments to the Week 5 Edition will be added in the days leading up to the Live Game Internet Audio Cast.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Website & Week In Review Pre Game Show

It isn't much now, but it will continue to have more content added in the next couple weeks. However there will be some basic information just like what is done here on the blog. Once again thanks to all who have been listening live and also later with the archive of the games.

Week 5 Live Internet Cast Game Of Night - Vassar Vulcans vs Reese Rockets.

The Original Thumb Tailgaters Show...
Featuring Eddie Fury, Huron Daily Tribune Sports Writer - Paul Adams, and Huron County Press Editor - Chris Ogryski;  kicks off another week on Tuesday with the first segment dealing with the Week 4 results and our review of those games.
Then on Wednesday will have our Week 5 picks.
Thursday will feature WLEW Cruise 102.1fm Sports Play By Play Man - Rick Glaza.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 4: H.S. Football - GTC & NCTL

North Huron 40, vs  Dryden  26 - Huron Daily Tribune - Paul Adams, Thumb Tailgater Sports, Huron County Press Sports - Steve Jias

Sandusky 33  vs  Deckerville 12 - 92.5 fm WBGV
EPBP Lakers 46  vs  USA 15 - 102.1 fm WLEW
Cass City 42,  @  Bad Axe  16 - Mike Bogan, Huron Daily Tribune
Vassar 40 vs Bay City All Saints 14

Reese 35, @ Marlette  15
Brown City 56 vs. Harbor Beach 6

Ubly 40  vs  Mayville 21

Memphis 27  vs  Kingston 0
Cros-Lex  54,  Imaly City 15

Whittemore-Prescott 54, @ Peck 12  (Saturday, Sept.19th)

8 Man Football:
Owen-Gage 62,  @  Akron-Fairgrove  36 - Mlive recap

CPS 40 vs Flint Michigan School For The Deaf 6 (Thursday, Sept.17th)

Week 4 Edition - Original Thumb Tailgaters Pre Game Show

The Week 4 Edition of the "Original Thumb Tailgaters Pre-Game Show" ; Featuring Eddie Fury, Huron County Press Editor - Chris Ogryski, and Huron Daily Tribune Sports Writer - Paul Adams.
   And look for the interview with WLEW Cruise 102.1 Sports Play By Play Man - Rick Glaza. I will ask him about his coverage on the USA vs Lakers game.
   Just look at the right column of the blog and you will see and be able to click and listen to all of the segment parts of the show.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 3 Review & Week 4 Game

I want to thank all who tuned in at Thumb Tailgater Sports, for the live internet stream of the Marlette vs Ubly game. Week 3 worked out great with virtually no glitches! I have now also upgraded some equipment on my laptop so we can add some features.

Week 4 has been scheduled - Kinde- North Huron vs Dryden.  North Huron is still in the hunt for the NCTL Title, but it all depends this Friday night against Dryden. Should be a good game! Coverage may start at about 5:45 pm this time as we had much to discuss for the Original Thumb Tailgaters Pre-Game Show, which will be posted on Wednesday.
Plus I will have an interview with Rick Glaza, play by play man on WLEW Cruise 102.1 FM. I will get his take on Friday on their coverage of the USA vs EPBP Lakers game, and his thoughts on the Thumb Tailgater Sports coverage of the North Huron vs Dryden game. It will be another welcomed addition to this blog.
Also in Week 4, my new official color commentator will debut! His name is Adam, and hails from Sandusky, MI. You will find out more about him soon.
Other news...Thumb Tailgater Sports will debut a new website this week! This blog limits me with certain elements and I need to expand. Don't worry this blog will still continue along with the new website

Friday, September 11, 2009

Marlette vs Ubly Live Game Links

Game Link

WEEK 3 Score Board: H.S. Football - GTC & NCTL

Marlette vs Ubly - Thumb Tailgater Sports Internet Broadcast 
Ubly 50, Marlette 21
Brown City 35, Deckerville 6 -92.5 FM WBGV & Mike Bogan - Huron Daily Tribune
Cass City 54, Harbor Beach 42 - WLEW Cruise 102.1 FM
North Huron 47,  Kingston  8 - 92.1 FM WIDL
EPBP Lakers 41, Vassar 21 - Paul Adams; Huron Daily Tribune
Bay City All Saints 28,  USA 27
Reese  42,  Bad Axe  12
Dryden 26,  Peck  8 (Peck led by 2, 8-6 midway in the 4th, Dryden came back strong!)
Sandusky 55,  Mayville  14
Essexville-Garber 42, Memphis 6
Frankenmuth 29,  Caro 22
NCTL 8 Man Football:
Akron-Fairgrove 60, Carsonville-Port Sanilac  46
Ann Arbor Washentaw  64,  Owen-Gage 48 

College Saturday:
Central Michigan 29, Michigan State  27 (DOH!!) Yahoo Sports!

Michigan 38, Notre Dame 34 - GO BLUE!! yahoo recap
Soundclip AM 800 CKLW   Frank Beckman & Jim Brandstatter

NFL Sunday:
Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Original Thumb Tailgaters Pre-Game Show

Here is the rebirth and reunion of the "Original Thumb Tailgaters Pre-Game Sports Show".
It use to air on WLEW Cruise 102.1 FM, but now moves to the world wide web! 
A more "condensed edited version" will air live on the internet audio broadcast for the Marlette vs Ubly game, which by the way coverage starts at 6pm.
Part 1 Original Thumb Tailgaters Show


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Game Of The Night : Week 3

The Live Internet Audio Broadcast Game Of The Night for Week 3 is....
Marlette Red Raiders  vs  Ubly Bearcats.  
Should be a good game! Tune in on the internet starting at 6pm!

Game Link #1 

Game Link #2

Funny Lions Joke From Onion News

Click On Pic To See Video

Monday, September 7, 2009

Game Of The Night: Week 3 & Pre-Game Show Returns...

Game Of The Night : Marlette vs Ubly

Another welcomed addition to Thumb Tailgater Sports is the return of the "Original Thumb Tailgater Pre-Game Show". This pre-game warm up to the football game use
to be featured on WLEW Cruise 102.1 FM, Bad Axe, MI.
After a year long hiatus the show returns with Eddie Fury (yours truly) and Huron County Sports Reporters....from the Huron Daily Tribune, Sports Writer Paul Adams; and from the Huron County Press, Editor & Sports Writer - Chris Ogryski. We all had a good time and were kind of all over the topics of area teams, talking about what happened in Week 2 and also our Week 3 picks. 
The show can be listened to on Thursday when I post it here on this blog and will run during the Pre-Game Show on Friday Night.  Hope you will enjoy and thanks to all who have been listening to the live internet broadcasts the past couple weeks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 2 Scores

Vassar 42,  Bad Axe 16
EPBP Lakers  26,  Cass City  7
Ubly  41,  Sandusky  6
Deckerville  50,  Harbor Beach  6
Dryden 50, Kingston 12
Memphis 16,  North Huron  14
Reese  54, Bay City All Saints  21
Marlette  52,  Mayville 20
Brown City  40,  USA  12
Peck,  16,  Conner Creek West  14
Cros - Lex 35, Capac 6

Carsonville-Port Sanilac  36,  Owendale-Gagetown  0
Ann Arbor Washentaw 64,  Akron-Fairgrove  62! MLive Recap

**Special Thanks For Scores & Updates To...

Huron Daily Tribune - Mike Bogan & Paul Adams
Huron County Press - Chris Ogryski & Steve Jias
Rick Glaza - All Around Sports Blog
Port Huron Times Herald

Vassar 42, Bad Axe 16

Vassar defense was able to keep the Bad Axe Hatchet out of the red zone at least twice inside the 5 yard from the endzone on 4th & goal!

Well, once again I experienced some slow sounding, jittering, interference on the live audio streaming of the game at Vassar. I apologize again.... I tried using a music player on the computer and opened a web page and that cause the interference. My fault. I am sorry for making it hard for you fans to listen. I will be bringing another computer to handle the music & free commercials I had to test out to play over the internet broadcast. However some things are improving. Just bear with me please....Thank you!

Post Game Interview with Vassar Head Coach

Vassar Vulcans vs Bad Axe Hatchets Game Link

I will have links here for you to click on. There should be two to choose from. Thanks for listening live on the Internet! This game will be archived later also for you football fans to listen at any time, after the live broadcast is over.

Game Link #1

Game Link #2 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vassar vs Bad Axe - Say Hello To Us

If you send an email indicating who you are, where your from, and which team or person you are rooting for send us an email and we will try to say hello to you as we broadcast live on the internet. Thumb Tailgater wants to know who you are! Thanks for checking in here and for all the support! Hope to here from you football fans!

Email :

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 2 Thumb Area H.S. Football

Customized Football Jersey -

Thursday, Sept.3rd Scheduled Games:

Bad Axe @ Vassar - Thumb Tailgater Sports Streaming Live Audio 6pm

EPBP Laker vs Cass City - WLEW 102.1FM; Huron Daily Tribune; Huron County Press
Deckerville @ Harbor Beach - Huron County Press
Kinde-North Huron @ Memphis
Bay City All Saints vs Reese
Brown City VS Unionville-Sebewaing
Sandusky @ Ubly - Huron Daily Tribune
Marlette @ Mayville - 92.1 FM WIDL
Kingston @ Dryden
Peck VS Warren Conner Creek Academy West

Carsonville-Port Sanilac VS Owendale-Gagetown - Friday - 92.5FM WBGV
Akron-Fairgrove @ Ann Arbor Washentaw