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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts - Week 6

The double coverage of our games of the week have some key implications for all the teams involved.
The Marlette Red Raiders host the Harbor Beach Pirates with hopes of celebrating a Homecoming with a victory and keeping hope alive for the playoffs. Marlette's record at this point stands at 2-3 overall, and cannot afford another loss through the rest of the season. It does not get easy against some angry Harbor Beach Pirates who are still reeling from a deflating loss to the Ubly Bearcats, 38-6, in Week 5.
Marlette has shown signs of good offense & defense - problem is the Red Raiders are their own worst enemy. With penalties, turnovers, and non execution in most instances of the devastating speedy spread offense; Marlette have in most instances defeated themselves. Helping your opponent win is the worst way to lose games. Marlette needs to stop that and correct their mistakes as time has officially ran out to make the playoffs. They need to win now! The Red Raiders are capable of beating any team, and are considered the "trap game" for all teams that have to face them. The have the respect of their opponents, but they need to respect the way they play the game and keep their emoting in check. In their last game that they probably should have won, Marlette committed over 150 yards in penalties. That is like giving the ball back and helping the other team score. I am sure Coach Lester and the Red Raiders team is getting this cleaned up, but they must follow through on that plan. Marlette has a tough road ahead of them with this weeks homecoming game against Harbor Beach, then followed by Deckerville & Brown City. That road to the post season just got bumpier with many potholes!
While Harbor Beach can technically afford a loss, they don't want to be put into that position to make it tougher on themselves. Ball control is something the Pirates have had with their two losses to Reese & Ubly. However, Harbor Beach has shown signs late in games of a potent pass offense. But their primary offense is where the strong point has been with their record at 3-2. But that all depends on the Pirate offensive line able to make the holes and lanes for the running backs. If their opponents have a strong defense then that plan falls flat. With games still left with Sandusky & Unionville-Sebewaing to wrap up the season, the road to the playoffs will not be a easy one for the Pirates of the Eastern Thumb lake shore.

This Week 6 also is also Thumb Tailgater Sports fourth straight Blue Water Area Conference football game.  The Croswell-Lexington Pioneers (4-0, 4-1) at the Almont Raiders (3-1, 4-1). The Pioneers need to win to continue to claim the sole first place spot for the BWAC title and also to get closer for the magic number 6th win for post season play. Almont would like to move on with a claim of a hopeful share of the BWAC title, and also in good standing for the playoffs.
Cros-Lex is heavily favored, but that does not mean this will be a cake walk by far. Earlier in the season, the Pioneers had a tough win over the still surviving Yale Bulldogs (2-3) in Week 2 with a 18-7 victory. Almont defeated Yale in Week 4 with a 21-18 win. So that begs that this game could be more competitive for the Pioneers, who have yet to lose to a BWAC rival.
Almont's lone loss has been to the Capac Chiefs (3-1, 3-2) who are quietly making their move for the BWAC title. Cros-Lex has the edge over Almont with a win against Capac 41-20. The Pioneers do have bumpy ride through the rest of the season with games left with Armada in Week 7 (3-1, 4-1), and Richmond in Week 8.
The Pioneers to date has 1,051 yards rushing on 147 carries, averaging about 7.14 yards per carry. And it pretty much has been due to the outstanding QB play of Ryan Fabbri, who can run & has an arm to throw behind those quick legs. The big credit goes to the coaching of Jason Vandermass and his assistants who not only depends on the rushing game, but balances the offense with passing of so far, 639 total yards.
Almont are no slouches themselves though when it comes to offense. According to Max Preps, the Raiders have amassed 1,322 yards on 215 carries, averaging 6.15 yards per carry. Passing wise they have thrown for 311 yards.
Tough to pick the winner in this game, has both teams but many of the local sports pundits have favored the Cros-Lex Pioneers. Alas...this is the BWAC - you just never know!

Elsewhere with thumb area teams in the...
The Deckerville Eagles will outright win the NCTL title and make the postseason at their homecoming game over the Memphis Yellowjackets.
While the rest of the teams in the NCTL have long hopes to make the playoffs - specifically North Huron (2-3) & Kingston (2-3). North Huron's future makes it bleak, but could sneak in with a 5-4 record based on the strength of schedule. But they need to WIN. Same thing goes for Kingston who were heavily favored based on their schedule, but had two straight losses and has to win four more games to get that elusive six wins.
Ubly Bearcats (5-0) will defeat Bad Axe (0-5) and earn their spot in the playoffs and also their 29th straight regular season win.
Brown City (3-2) at Sandusky (3-2) is another intriguing games of the week. Both teams have two losses and can ill afford a third loss. They way Sandusky has let some games go this season is worrisome to the Redskin fans. Brown City Greendevils seem to have made just as the same mistakes as Sandusky has made this year with turnovers. This is a tough one to pick!
Reese (5-0) will continue to roll and blast their way to the playoffs earning their sixth win against the free falling EPBP Lakers (1-4). While the Unionville-Sebewaing Partriots (4-0, 4-1) want to continue their "Cinderella" run with a win over the still fiery Vassar Vulcans (2-1, 3-2) this week and set up the showdown for the GTW title game at the "Sugar Bowl" against Reese in Week 7. But one game at a time...
Cass City may have the title out of reach, but they are now focused on each game to make their way to the postseason with a victory against the explosive Bay City All Saints. The Red Hawks have lost two straight and may have on the toughest stretches of competitive teams to face off against. After this Week 6 game against the Cougars, up next is Vassar! Those Vulcans are in the mix to really make a wild situation again this year with the GTW title up for grabs and could be ultimately decided in Week 7. Will it be shared or won outright? game at a time....
Tri-Valley East
Millington (3-0, 4-1) is at Caro (2-1, 3-2) in Week 6. Caro has shown signs of some good offensive and stays in games. Can the Tigers pull off the big upset versus the Cardinals and grab a share of the title? And that Tri-Valley East title is still not fully decided until Millington meets up with the Frankenmuth Eagles (3-1, 3-2) in Week 7.
Ultimately it has been very competitive this year with all the conferences and leagues that Thumb Tailgater Sports is covering. Good luck to all teams!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 6 Edition Podcast Show

Both Parts 1 & 2 of the Thumb Tailgater Sports Week 6 Edition Podcast Show are now available to download or listen to...almost two hours of local sports yapping!
It has been confirmed as of late Tuesday night. Thumb Tailgater Sports has double coverage of high school football.
In Greater Thumb East action has major playoff implications with the Harbor Beach Pirates at the Marlette Red Raiders; and in a Blue Water Area Conference showdown, the share of the title is on the line with the Croswell-Lexington Pioneers at the Almont Raiders. Coverage starts at 6:30pm. Log on live on the internet and tune in for all the action!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thumb Tailgater & Thumb Sports Writers Top 10 Poll - Ending Week 5

Polling votes consist of teams that are in the coverage of the T.S.A, consist of Croswell-Lexington, North Branch, Caro, Millington, all Greater Thumb Conference & NCTL teams.

Thumb Tailgater Sports Top 10 Poll 
1. Reese
2. Ubly
3. Millington
4. Croswell-Lexington
5. Deckerville
6. Unionville-Sebewaing
7. Cass City
8. Vassar
9. Sandusky
10. Caro
Honorable mention - Harbor Beach & Brown City

Thumb Sports Writers Association Top 10 Poll
1. Reese
2. Ubly
3. Millington
4. Croswell-Lexington
5. Deckerville
6. Unionville-Sebewaing
Tie 7. Cass City
Tie 7. Caro
9. Vassar
10. Sandusky

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 6 Agenda

Hey local sports fans!! It is freaking Week 6 already!?!? 
The Week 6 Edition Podcast Show is now up to download or listen to.
Part 1 features Huron Daily Tribune Sports Writer/Reporter - Paul Adams.
Later in the week Part 2 will once again have WLEW Cruise 102.1 Sports Broadcaster Rick Glaza.
Thumb Tailgater Sports will have double coverage of live high school football in Week 6. One of the games of the week pits the Harbor Beach Pirates at the Marlette Red Raiders. The second will be confirmed by Tuesday late afternoon.
And to give a "heads up" to our fans across the globe, we have already committed to the Week 8 battle between the Ubly Bearcats and the Deckerville Eagles.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 5 Final Friday Scores - H.S. Football

Yale 30, @ Armada 12 - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Ubly 38, @ Harbor Beach 6
Sandusky 26, Marlette 13
Reese 20, @ Cass City 12
Deckerville 52, @ Saginaw B.V. 32
Bay City All Saints 32, @ EPBP Lakers 20
Vassar 56, @ Memphis 12
Unionville-Sebewaing 58, @ Bad Axe 6
Brown City 48, @ Mayville 0
North Huron 28, Peck 6
Twining Arenac Eastern 28, Kingston 16
Capac 49, Richmond 7
Almont 20, Algonac 13
Croswell-Lexington 57, Imlay City 0
Millington 49, North Branch 7
Mt. Morris 27, Caro 12
Birch Run 63, @ Bridgeport 6
Frankenmuth 42, @ Essexville-Garber 6

Carsonville-Pt Sanilac 55, Akron-Fairgrove 28
Owen-Gage 30, Jackson Da Vinci Institute 28

Week 5 H.S. Football - Thumb Area, Blue Water & Tri-Valley East Teams

Yale @ Armada - Thumb Tailgater Sports 
Ubly @ Harbor Beach
Marlette @ Sandusky
Reese @ Cass City
Deckerville @ Saginaw B.V.
Bay City All Saints @ EPBP Lakers
Vassar @ Memphis
Unionville-Sebewaing @ Bad Axe
Brown City @ Mayville
Peck @ North Huron
Kingston @ Twining Arenac Eastern
Richmond @ Capac
Algonac @ Almont
Imlay City @ Croswell-Lexington
North Branch @ Millington
Caro @ Mt. Morris
Birch Run @ Bridgeport
Frankenmuth @ Essexville-Garber

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thumb Thoughts - This Weeks BWAC Showdown

Thumb Tailgater Sports continues to branch out the coverage of high school sports and this week is no exception. The Blue Water Area Conference is an underappreciated  competitive league with many teams on the outer skirts of the Thumb area along or on the south side of Highway I-69. One of the missions of TTS was to especially cover one of the top teams - the Croswell-Lexington Pioneers. But they are not alone, you can't ignore the high caliber of the other teams in the BWAC. It seems that lately in last several years it has been a tight race year in and year out with a battle till the end of the season for the league title, with at least three teams making the playoffs. The teams all fall in the Class B size school bracket making most of the schools more than capable of having a good number of players filling the rosters on both sides of the ball.
Which finally brings us to this weeks coverage of our game of the week between the Yale Bulldogs at the Armada Tigers. 
The Yale Bulldogs is the toughest team to beat with a 1-3 overall record. Yale has already lost two league games and right now seems like has a far outside chance for them to get at least a share of the title. At this it does not matter at all as the Bulldogs are thinking of nothing more than to survive and win out through the rest of the season in order to make the playoffs. One more loss and the post season is out of grasp and the Bulldogs will back in the dog pound and back on the leash! So far Yale has lost to teams with a combined record of 10-2. They opened the season with an non-league contest in a loss to Macomb Lutheran North (4-0) 21-6. Then followed Week 2 with another loss to BWAC rival the Croswell-Lexington Pioneers (3-1) 18-7. Yale's only win came in Week 3 against the Algonac Muskrats (1-3) 35-13.
Then in Week 4 which was also a Thumb Tailgater Sports featured game, the Yale Bulldogs lost late in the 4th quarter to the Almont Raiders (3-1) 21-18 with just under 5 minutes left in the game. Almont took the lead 14-12 with a touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half. But the Bulldogs took back the lead in the 3rd quarter, 18-14. Yale also had their chance to take back the lead and possible win by marching down the field but Almont's defense held their ground and prevented the Bulldogs from converting a first down with a fourth down stand. It took away any hopes of an attempted field goal tie or touchdown with :54 left in the game. Another problem for the Bulldogs was not able to convert the PAT's. And the main thing was ball control - Almont had the upper hand with possession at almost 29 minutes to Yale's 19 minutes, even though Bulldogs had more yardage with 35 carries & 224 yards rushing, and 13 yards passing. Almont converted more first downs with 13, and had 46 carries & 175 yards, and 48 yards passing. Yale has the offense and defense to win the rest of the season but in a very competitive league it is never easy in the Blue Water Area Conference.
In Week 5 the path to get to the playoffs for Yale will get even rougher than your typical drive on Michigan roads. The Armada Tigers are on cloud nine with a 4-0 record at this point, but their season from here on out becomes quite tumultuous. Not only with the game with Yale who will come in barking and biting to fight on with hopes of the playoffs, but with games coming up against BWAC opponents with Almont, Croswell-Lexington & Capac (2-2) - all teams capable of turning the tables at a moments notice. But alas, as any coach would say "one game at a time". Armada is in position to outright win the title and also grab a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Destiny is in their "paws & claws".
Last week Armada got a good, but hard win over Richmond 19-14 to remain undefeated at 4-0 at this point. The Tigers had total ball control with 24 first downs, 46 carries for 300 yards rushing along with 53 yards passing. However some cause for alarm for Armada is having six fumbles but recovered all of those. Richmond Blue Devils had some yardage rushing wise with 38 carries for 225 yards. But had only 12 first downs. Again ball control was in Armada's favor and that is something that the Yale Bulldogs have had a problem with in the season.
Armada Tigers opened Week 1 with a victory over the Class C school of the NCTL, the Memphis Yellowjackets 43-7. Armada has played against Memphis every year since 2004. Then followed with a league win in Week 2 over Algonac 25-13. In Week 3 Armada took down Imlay City 48-20. The only disadvantage for the Armada Tigers is that they have beaten all the teams with a combined win-loss record of 4-12. The greatest test for the Armada Tigers were the Richmond Blue Devils in Week 4, which was a quality win.
Armada has scored 104 points on offense, while allowing 63. Yale on the season so far scored 66 points and has allowed 73.
It is a big game for both teams with much to gain and lose at the same time. Tune in for all the excitement and live coverage starting at 6:30pm!!

In our home base of Thumb area coverage of the Greater Thumb Conference, North Central Thumb League & Tri-Valley East; there are a number of teams still in league title contention.
The Greater Thumb West has another showdown for the title pitting the Reese Rockets (4-0) at the Cass City Red Hawks (3-1). Reese will most certainly have their hands full, but Cass City is coming off a humbling overtime loss to Unionville-Sebewaing in Week 4. The Red Hawks are looking for an upset, while Reese not only wants to remain undefeated but also spoil homecoming for Cass City. Then again it is the "Wild West" of the Thumb...and the GTW league title is far from being ultimately decided until Week 7 & 8.
Another top game of the week is in the Greater Thumb East with the Ubly Bearcats (4-0) at the resurgent Harbor Beach Pirates. Ubly would like to continue their current regular season winning streak which is at 27, while Harbor Beach (3-1) wants to let many know they are "back" and also wants a piece of that GTE Title. This game now has some "luster" to it compared to the past couple years. As with the GTW, the East will not ultimately decided until Week 7 & 8.
The North Central Thumb League pretty much has their championship decided. The Deckerville Eagles have already had decisive wins over Kingston, Peck, & North Huron. Next up in the NCTL are the Memphis Yellowjackets in Week 6, and if the planets align, plus a lunar and solar eclipse all at once - I see the Eagles pretty much flying away as outright NCTL Champs. Which begs the question...and this is said in jest...if this strong Deckerville team pulls off an upset over Ubly in Week 8, do the Eagles unify the GTE & NCTL titles? That is a wish that could only happen in the WWE storylines....
Down south in the Tri-Valley East is another tight race for the finish for the title. Far from over with teams like Caro & Frankenmuth stepping up for battle against current first place holders the Millington Cardinals. And it won't be a cake walk for Millington against North Branch this week. Or have they already licked the frosting?
There are also many teams in the thumb that have legit claims of making the playoffs and others trying to hold on to some hope. Sandusky, Marlette, Cass City, Harbor Beach, Brown City, Vassar, Unionville-Sebewaing, Caro & even Kingston can all make it in depending on what happens tonight and into the rest of season. Friday will show who falls with the autumn season leaves to ground and be raked out of the playoff season! Still wide open as far as Thumb Tailgater Sports is concerned!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Podcast Show - Week 5 Edition

Both Parts 1 & 2 of the Week 5 Edition Thumb Tailgater Sports Podcast Show is now fully available to listen to or dowload.  Yep...I know it is a couple hours of "yapping" about high school sports for all the local sports fanatics! The link is on the left or up top of the blog page.

T.T.S. Week 5 Notes

Thumb Tailgater Sports will feature one game this week as we are short on personnel and will not be able to bring double coverage as we had been the last two weeks.

Week 5 we venture back in the Blue Water Area Conference and present live coverage of the Yale Bulldogs at the Armada Tigers this Friday night. Coverage starts at 6:30pm. There will also be some updates from other Thumb area teams on game night.

Also the Week 5 Edition Podcast Show - Part 1 & Part 2 is available to download or listen to. Huron Daily Tribune Sports Reporter, Paul Adams & Thumb Tailgater Sports Webcaster Eddie Fury are the hosts. WLEW Cruise 102.1 Sports Broadcaster Rick Glaza will also be part of the show again in the Part Segment of this weeks show.
Don't forget to get your Thumb Tailgater Sports Pick Em' Challenge Week 5 Picks in also!

Here is the Thumb Tailgater Sports Top 10 Weekly Poll for Week 4 that we send into the Thumb Sports Writers Association. The teams that are in the coverage of the T.S.A, consist of Croswell-Lexington, North Branch, Caro, Millington, all Greater Thumb Conference & NCTL teams.
Let the criticism begin...!

Thumb Tailgater Sports - Week 4 Ending Top Ten Poll
1. Reese
2. Ubly
3. Millington
4. Croswell-Lexington
5. Deckerville
6. Caro
7. Harbor Beach
8. Unionville-Sebewaing
9. Cass City
10. North Branch
On the bubble - Vassar, Sandusky, Brown City

Thumb Sports Writers Association Weekly Top 10 Poll
1. Reese
2. Ubly
3. Millington
4. Croswell-Lexington
5. Deckerville
6. Caro
7. Unionville-Sebewaing
8. Cass City
9. Harbor Beach
10. North Branch
Honorable Mention: Vassar, Sandusky

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 4 Final Scores: H.S. Football, Thumb & Blue Water Area

Reese 41, Vassar 20
Unionville-Sebewaing 27, Cass City 21 - Overtime
Harbor Beach 31, @ Brown City 7
Marlette 24, @ EPBP Lakers 14
Sandusky 61, @ Memphis 0
Bay City All Saints 51, Bad Axe 8
Ubly 46, Mayville 6
Deckerville 44, North Huron 23
Au Gres Sims 32, Kingston 6
Almont 21, @ Yale 18 
Armada 19, @ Richmond 14
Croswell-Lexington 42, @ Algonac 7
Capac 50, @ Imlay City 12
Caro 12, North Branch 8
Montrose 19, Millington 14
Birch Run 33, @ Frankenmuth 20
Essexville-Garber 43, @ Bridgeport 6

8 Man Football
Akron-Fairgrove 54, Owen-Gage 28
CPS 36, @ Ann Arbor Eastern Washentaw 30

Week 4 High School Football - Thumb & Bluewater Area

Vassar @ Reese - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Cass City @ Unionville-Sebewaing
Harbor Beach @ Brown City
Marlette @ EPBP Lakers
Sandusky @ Memphis
Bad Axe @ Bay City All Saints
Mayville @ Ubly
North Huron @ Deckerville
Kingston @ Au Gres Sims
Almont @ Yale - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Armada @ Richmond
Croswell-Lexington @ Algonac
Capac @ Imlay City
North Branch @ Caro
Millington @ Montrose
Birch Run @ Frankenmuth
Essexville-Garber @ Bridgeport

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Double Coverage Of High School Football!

Thumb Tailgater Sports will once again bring double coverage of live high school football. We venture back to the exciting Blue Water Area Conference. Games of the week features the Almont Raiders (1-1, 2-1) at the Yale Bulldogs (1-1, 1-2).
We go back to the Greater Thumb Conference for a league contest in the GTW with the Vassar Vulcans at the Reese Rockets. Coverage starts at 6:30pm!

Podcast Show - Week 4

Parts 1 & 2 of the Week 4 Edition of the Thumb Tailgater Sports Show are now fully available to listen to. 
Part 1 features Paul Adams, Sports Reporter of the Huron Daily Tribune and he continues into Part 2, which will also contains WLEW Cruise 102.1 FM Sports Broadcaster Rick Glaza.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 4 Notes

Thumb Tailgater Sports will be heading back to Reese this Friday night in another Greater Thumb West clash. The Vassar Vulcans will try to stop the winning streak of the Rockets who have been blasting their opponents. Coverage starts at 6:30pm.
Don't know yet if TTS will have double coverage of football games this week. It all depends on if we have the personnel to help out. It is a busy beet season around the thumb farming community!
Part 1, of the Week 4 Edition of the Thumb Tailgater Sports "Review/Pre-Game/ Podcast" show is now available. Huron Daily Tribune Sports Writer Paul Adams will be joining the show again and will be through the rest of the season. In the Part 2 segment WLEW Sports Broadcaster Rick Glaza will also join the show this week.
Don't forget to make your Week 4 Picks this week to! It is brought to you by Dave Hall Chevrolet of Marlette.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 3 Final Scores

Reese 41, Harbor Beach 0
Sandusky 55, Mayville 18
Ubly 33, Marlette 8
Brown City 54, North Huron 21  
Unionville-Sebewaing 21, EPBP Lakers 6
Vassar 52, Bay City All Saints 14
Cass City 61, Bad Axe 0
Deckerville 38, Peck 6
Kingston 49, Memphis 21
Croswell-Lexington 41, Capac 20
Almont 50, Richmond 13
Yale 35, Algonac 15
Armada 48, Imlay City 20
Caro 57, Bridgeport 14
Millington 32, Essexville-Garber 8
Frankenmuth 33, North Branch 0

8 Man Football
Carsonville-Port Sanilac 41, Flint Michigan School Of Deaf 6 - Thurs game
Akron-Fairgrove 30, Ann Arbor Eastern Washentaw Multicultural 8
Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian 30, Owen-Gage 8 (Saturday)

Week 3 Football - Thumb & Bluewater Area Teams

Harbor Beach @ Reese - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Marlette @ Ubly
North Huron @ Brown City
Unionville-Sebewaing @ EPBP Lakers
Vassar @ Bay City All Saints
Bad Axe @ Cass City
Sandusky @ Mayville
Deckerville @ Peck
Kingston @ Memphis
Croswell-Lexington @ Capac - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Richmond @ Almont
Algonac @ Yale
Imlay City @ Armada
Bridgeport @ Caro
Essexville-Garber @ Millington
North Branch @ Frankenmuth

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 3 - Podcast Show

The Week 3 Edition of the Thumb Tailgater Sports Podcast Pre-Game Show is available to listen to. 
Parts 1 & 2 features Sports Writer Paul Adams of the Huron Daily Tribune.
Also Part 3 of the show will be with WLEW Sports Broadcaster Rick Glaza. This weeks interview contains information on the Ubly Football Field Dedication that will be named in honor of legendary former Ubly Bearcats Coach Jerry Herp. This will happen this week before the Marlette @ Ubly game. The interview with Rick also reveals a little more about Coach Herp on what he meant to the community who passed away last year.
Plus Rick's insight on games involving the big vote at the GTC athletic directors meeting, Marlette @ Ubly & Harbor Beach @ Reese, and his picks of the week.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming This Week 3...

A heads up to our Thumb Tailgater Sports fans. This Week 3 is a special one as we will have double live coverage of high school football!

The Blue Water Area Conference seems to find at least a two to three way tie for the league title every year and has some of the most competitive teams in the area. We will travel over to the Capac Chiefs as they host the Croswell-Lexington Pioneers in the battle to reign over the BWAC.

The Greater Thumb Conference presents another what could be a classic crossover conference battle between the Harbor Beach Pirates at the Reese Rockets. The Pirates are on a resurgence of their former selves after back to back losing seasons in 2009 & 2008. The Reese Rockets want to continue to get closer to magic number "6" for the playoffs and hope to make three in a row. Both teams are undefeated at this point, and most are still questioning the fact if Harbor Beach is for "real" this year. Find out what happens - it's West versus the East in the GTC! Coverage starts at 6:30pm for both games on Thumb Tailgater Sports!

Also the Week 3 Edition of the Thumb Tailgater Sports Podcast show will be up on Monday. This week's show features the return of Huron Daily Tribune Sports Writer Paul Adams, and also WLEW Cruise 102 play by play call man, Rick Glaza.
And don't forget to play our Thumb Tailgater Sports Power Pick 'Em Challenge!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

WEEK 2 - Football Final Scores: Thumb & Blue Water Area Teams

Cass City 7, Brown City 6 - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Vassar20, EPBP Lakers 0
Harbor Beach 34, @ North Huron 7
Ubly 30, Sandusky 28
Unionville-Sebewaing  27, Bay City All Saints 12
Reese 55, @ Bad Axe 6
Marlette 42, Mayville 14 (Marlette wins wearing Pink uniforms!)
Deckerville 48, @ Kingston 7 
Memphis 35, @ Marine City Cardinal Mooney 6
Whittemore-Prescott 33, @ Peck 0
Croswell-Lexington 18, Yale 7
Capac 24, Almont 19
Richmond 42, @ Imlay City 0
Armada 25, @ Algonac 13
Frankenmuth 35, @ Caro 7
North Branch 14, Essexville-Garber 8
Millington 34, Birch Run 20

8 Man Football:
Posen, 28, Akron-Fairgrove 8
Owen-Gage 38, @ Burr Oak 36
Carsonville-Pt Sanilac 62, Tekonsha 28

WEEK 2 Football - Thumb @ Bluewater Area

Cass City 7, Brown City 6 - Thumb Tailgater Sports
Vassar20, EPBP Lakers 0
Harbor Beach 34, @ North Huron 7
Ubly 30, Sandusky 28
Unionville-Sebewaing  27, Bay City All Saints 12
Reese 55, @ Bad Axe 6
Mayville @ Marlette
Deckerville 48, @ Kingston 7 - Highlights On WNEM Channel 5?
Memphis @ Marine City Cardinal Mooney
Whittemore-Prescott @ Peck
Croswell-Lexington 18, Yale 7
Almont @ Capac
Richmond @ Imlay City
Armada @ Algonac
Frankenmuth 35, @ Caro 7
Essexville-Garber @ North Branch
Millington 34, Birch Run 20