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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Top Team Football Polls - After Week 7

Here is the Week 7 Ending Top Football Polls. Let the complaining began!

Thumb Sports Writers Asssociation Top 10 Poll
1. Reese - 47 pts (3)
2. Millington - 45pts (1)
3. Ubly - 43pts (1)
4. Croswell-Lexington - 35pts
5. Vassar - 30pts
6. Sandusky - 25pts
7. Deckerville - 15pts
8. Marlette - 13pts
9. Unionville-Sebewaing 11pts
10. North Branch - 10pts
Honorable Mention:  Caro - 1pt

Votes are casted by: Thumb Tailgater Sports - Eddie Fury; Huron Daily Tribune Sports - Paul Adams; Tuscola County Advertiser Sports - Chad Wingert; WLEW Cruise 102.1 Sports Broadcaster - Rick Glaza; WIDL 92.1 Sports Commentator - Christian Selich
First Place Votes earns 10pts, Second 9pts, and so on....
Teams excluded from this poll are - Memphis, Frankenmuth, Bay City All Saints, and most of BWAC & Tri-Valley East teams. This is a thumb area football team poll. Other polls may include excluded teams in other publications.

Thumb Tailgater Sports T-S-A Vote
1. Millington
2. Reese
3. Ubly
4. Croswell-Lexington
5. Vassar
6. Sandusky
7. Marlette
8. Deckerville
9. North Branch
10. Unionville-Sebewaing

Thumb Tailgater Sports Top 15 - GTC, NCTL, BWAC & Tri-Valley East
1. Millington
2. Almont
3. Reese
4. Ubly
5. Birch Run
6. Croswell-Lexington
7. Capac
8. Vassar
9. Frankenmuth
10. Sandusky
11. Marlette
12. Deckerville
13. Yale
14. North Branch
15. Bay City All Saints


Christian Selich said...

Can't argue with your vote Eddie. Millington's opponent W/L pct is .571, Reese's .429, and Ubly's .396. Enough said. The top three is correct. Millington is the best team of the three and would win in head-to-head match up, but very obivously Reese and Ubly are having a better season because they are undefeated. The big question is if they are both undefeated at the end of the year, who do we vote for Team of the Year.

Anonymous said...

where is BC in this list?

Anonymous said...

"Enough said. The top three is correct".

Then unless I'm seeing this incorrectly, you, C.S. did not vote Millington #1? How can you say what you did, yet not vote YOUR team #1.
Once again, your voting and your dumb comments come into question much like it did last year.
Guess some things never change?

Adam Filkins said...

I love when people post highly opinionated comments as anonymous. Classy move. To agree with someone doesn't mean you have to act in the same manner. Just like I don't care if you want to dress in drag - I'll stick to my t shirt and jeans, thanks. Add these two things to your shopping list: A username and a Clue.

I actually don't think that you can put Reese and Ubly above Birch Run and possibly not Cros-Lex. The level of competition is just way higher than Reese or Ubly will see until 2-3 rounds into the playoffs. Other than that - I think the rankings look pretty good.

Dan said...

We'll find out more about the GTC in week 9.

Reese plays Ovid Elsie, who gave Swan Valley all they could handle a week after SV spanked Frankenmuth.

Two middle of the pack teams in Caro and Cass City square off in a TVCE vs GTCW battle.

Frankenmuth and Vassar continue their rivalry.

Lakers plays a Imlay City team that is winless, but plays much better competition week in and week out than Lakers does.

I do give the GTW credit in going out and scheduling bigger schools in their week 9 games. The GTE seems to take the opposite approach....playing mostly NCTL schools.

Anonymous said...

Dan, scheduling week one and week 9 games are more difficult than you may think, and with the current playoff system you don't go out and schedule a team that may keep you from getting in the playoffs. The smaller schools in the GTC are in the east and it would be foolish for a school like ubly to say for instance schedule a bigger school in week 9 just to see how they stand.

Christian Selich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

Anon, agree to disagree. I would much rather go out and play a bigger school to see how my team stacks up. More can be learned/gained from losing to a better team than can be from beating Bad Axe 60-0. Just my opinion.

Did anyone see the projected pairings on snooze2you's site? Granted these are far from final, but some interesting pairings for sure....

1 Ubly vs 4 Breckenridge
2 Nouvel vs 3 Merrill

* Tough break for Ubly if Nouvel falls to D7. Nouvels last 2 games are against A and B schools (probably both wins), which would move them into the #1 spot over Ubly even with 2 losses.

1 Reese vs 4 Marlette
2 Flint Beecher vs 3 Sandusky

* Reese vs Beecher would be a fun matchup

1 Birch Run vs 4 Frankenmuth
2 Freeland vs 3 Vassar

* Frankenmuth probably wont get in unless its at 5-4.

1 Millington vs 4 Capac
2 Almont vs 3 Mac Luth North

*Could be a tough district for Millington if they stay here. Capac and Almont could both top the Cardinals

Chiuk Czlek said...

I agree with you, Dan, about Ubly's schedule. They already had a pair of weak teams on the schedule with Bad Axe and Mayville and then schedule North Huron??

I don't know why Reese or Lakers are not the Week 9 opponent. Maybe Reese or Lakers backed out? I very much doubt Reese would have.

Would have loved to see them play a BWAC or TVC squad.

How can you prepare for Nouvel, Merrill or even Genesee playing North Huron?

I'm an Ubly fan, but I doubt I'll go see the NH/Ubly match. This program and its fans deserve to see better competition during the season. It gets BORING when the game outcome is already a done deal before it starts!

Anonymous said...

Just remember boys it takes two teams to agree on a game to make it happen, many of us would love to see ubly play reese or reese play millington but coaches and ADs look at their schedule with the playoffs in mind and having homefield advantage. Very seldom do they take us, the fan into consideration when developing the schedule. Also ubly has no choice about playing Bad Axe and Mayville, Bad Axe was their crossover and will be next year as well. Just a few years ago they had to play Vassar and Reese and Cass City which are all bigger schools than they are. Chiuk if your a fan of ubly you will be at the NH game and you will enjoy the route.

Anonymous said...

Ubly is going to end up playing 4 of the top 10 teams in the area, why should Sweeney have to go and play Reese? Just to make so fan happy.

Chiuk Czlek said...

Anonymous said...

"ubly has no choice about playing Bad Axe and Mayville"

Exactly!! Then why play against a school you more than likely win against!

"Chiuk if your a fan of ubly you will be at the NH game and you will enjoy the route."

Probably not at the game and defiantly not enjoying the route.

I'd rather see the 'cats play Reese or Yale or Millington and ...prepare for the play-offs... then play a meaningless game vs North Huron.

Who are you anonymous? Daniel Delamarter?

Are you the same guy that gave us Wyondotte Mount Carmel after NH recided they had a better chance of winning against MC Card Mooney and dropped the Bearcats from the schedule?

"Never play them again!" Yet less than 7 years later their on the schedule...AGAIN!

Rick Glaza said...

CC, for the record.....Ubly waited until the last possible moment to try and schedule someone different and fill the hole in week 9. Most of the other area schools already had someone under contract to play and can't back out.

For those of you who yelled and screamed for the GTC to take on the NCTL to form a "mega conference", these are the match-up you get to look forward to year in and year out as everyone gets their turn at beating up on the NCTL division. It just so happened to be a year early in some cases.