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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thumb Sports Writers Association: All Thumb Football Selections 2010

Pick up your local newspaper publications for the detailed information of the All Thumb Football Selections.
Newspaper Publications to purchase for all the in depth info: Huron Daily Tribune, Tuscola County Advertiser, Sandusky Tribune, Huron County Press, Sanilac County News.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Jesse Stewart, Running back - Millington
COACH OF THE YEAR - Jason Beagle - Unionville-Sebewaing
DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Eric Booms, Linebacker - Ubly

Team Of The Year: Carsonville-Pt Sanilac (9-0)
Player of the Year: Hayden Adams, QB - Carsonville-Pt Sanilac
Coach of the Year: Tim Brabant - Carsonville Pt Sanilac

QB - Erik Dhyse - North Huron
RB: Jesse Stewart - Millington - Player of the Year
RB: Tyler Peruski - Ubly
RB: Nathan Primeau - Brown City
RB: Cody Ross - Deckerville
OL: Nick Taylor - Deckerville - Lineman of the Year
OL: Conner Collins - Millington
OL: Cory Loper - Millington
OL: Josh White - Ubly
OL: Michael Jorde - Croswell-Lexington
E: Kevin Rice - North Huron
E: Brandon Tucker - Sandusky
AL: Ryan Fabbri - Croswell-Lexington
AL: Tim Canfield - Unionville-Sebewaing
AL: Justin Mills - Sandusky
K: Brent Speer - Marlette

QB: Evan Bootz - Kingston
RB: Pat Chappus - Sandusky
RB: Bret Cleary - Ubly
RB: Madison Harper - Vassar
RB: Richard Wilfong - Deckerville
E: Taylor Nicol - Kingston
E: Eric Booms - Ubly
OL: Matt Orchard - Sandusky
OL: Austin Beyerlein - Reese
OL: Josh Kubacki - Ubly
OL: Kyle Lindsay - Brown City
OL: Dakota Gangler - Unionville-Sebewaing
K: Corey Kursinski - Sandusky
AL: Kevin Pratt - Vassar
AL: Kolby Lange - Marlette
AL: Walter VanHouten - Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port

Honorable Mention
Caleb Sundblad - Caro
Mike Milligan - Cass City
Austin Osentoski - Cass City
Parker Grundman - Croswell-Lexington
Robert Duff - Croswell-Lexington
Andrew Estrada - Deckerville
Aaron Ginther - Harbor Beach
Ish Morell - Kingston
Cameron Wilson - Millington
Mitchell Wilkerson - Millington
Joe Raymond - North Branch
Mike Cregeur - North Huron
Tyler Preston - North Huron
Levi Bauer - Reese
Casey Squanda - Reese
Mike Lautner - Ubly
Bryan Nash - Ubly
Justin Locklear - Vassar

DL: Matt Czewski - Ubly
DL: Dakota Gangler - Unionville-Sebewaing
DL: Jared Bender - Reese
DL: David Grosso - Sandusky
DL: Tony Morton - Deckerville
LB: Eric Booms - Ubly - Defensive Player of the Year
LB: Nathan Primeau - Brown City
LB: Erik Dhyse - North Huron
LB: Joey Volz - Marlette
LB: Emilio Ramirez -Millington
LB: Nate Dillion - Caro
LB: Dominic Arnold - Croswell-Lexington
DB: Dustin Jacobs - Millington
DB: Jesse Fuentes - Croswell-Lexington
DB: Cameron Wilson - Millington
P: Tim Curtis - Caro

DL: Austin Beyerlein - Reese
DL: Josh White - Ubly
DL: Ethan Deshetsky - North Branch
DL: Zach Ahearn - North Huron
DL: Will Anderson - Sandusky
LB: Dustin Pennington - Kingston
LB: Justin Licht - Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port
LB: Nick Taylor - Deckerville
LB: Travis Yonkowski - Brown City
LB: Jesse Stewart - Millington
LB: Jason Kaufman - Ubly
P: Brent Speer - Marlette
DB: Justin Mills - Sandusky
DB: Bryan Nash - Ubly
DB: Alex Varney - Cass City

Honorable Mention
Trenton Wood - Brown City
Tyler Banks - Brown City
Quintin Pavel - Brown City
Jesse Gomez - Caro
Mitch O’Dell - Cass City
Nick Adkins - Cass City
Justin Armstead - Croswell-Lexington
Brody Lawrence - Elkton Pigeon Bay Port
Ish Morell - Kingston
Dyllon Keiter - Millington
Mitchell Jorgensen - Millington
Tyler Beckman - Reese
Cody Somerville - Reese
Spencer Buchinger - Reese
Kyle Yaklin - Reese
Matt Orchard - Sandusky
Dillon Frank - Sandusky
Alex Khoury - Unionville-Sebewaing
Chris Harper - Unionville-Sebewaing
Austin Huber - Vassar
Justin Locklear - Vassar

About the TSA
Each year the TSA selects a Player of the Year, Team of the Year, Coach of the Year and an All-Thumb team in four sports: football, volleyball, boys basketball and girls basketball. Also putting together the top players of a 1st & 2nd team; along with many honorable mentions. In order to be considered for nomination to an All-Thumb team, students must attend one of the following schools: Akron-Fairgrove, Carsonville Port-Sanilac, Caseville, Bad Axe, Brown City, Caro, Cass City, Croswell-Lexington, Deckerville, Harbor Beach, Kingston, Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port, Marlette, Mayville, Millington, North Branch, North Huron, Owendale-Gagetown, Peck, Port Hope, Reese, Sandusky, Ubly, Unionville-Sebewaing and Vassar.
The voting participants of the Thumb Sports Writers Association are: 
Thumb Tailgater Sports - Eddie Fury; Huron Daily Tribune Sports - Paul Adams; Tuscola County Advertiser Sports - Chad Wingert; WIDL 92.1 FM Sports Commentator - Christian Selich; Sandusky Tribune - Bill Dixon; Huron County Press - Dave Fredrick; Sanilac County News - Dale Ball

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