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Friday, October 30, 2009

Game Of The Night - Internet Link


Anonymous said...

Pregame part 2 is not playing.

Eddie Fury said...

Try it now or listen during the live audio cast.

Chiuk Czlek said...

Adams, your full of crap!

North Huron was North Huron loooong before the district merged with Port Austin. For your assignment, I want you to do some research and find out when the Kinde area school district became known at North Huron!

Eddie Fury said...

Someday when I get a live Saturday morning show on the internet, which may be will be my first guest caller, and then you can duke it out with Paul! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chiuk, I was obviously misinformed. No need for the insults.

Paul P.

Anonymous said...

30 -0 ubly at the half

Anonymous said...

yea go Ubly your florida fans are waiting for a Ford field again Mr horn and the boys will be there again